About kurls

kurls is a smart URL analytics system created by gShift. Our roots are in big data, analytics and reporting for content optimization and discoverability. kurls and tracking content anywhere is a natural extension. We continually evolve to provide greater levels of measurability, optimization and discoverability for your digital content across all of your publishing platforms.

Modern SEO is all about content optimization. This is where kurls come in. We wanted to give marketers the ability to gain critical insight into how their content and campaigns are performing, even when they are off-site and hosted on platforms the brand does not directly control. This insight extends well beyond simple likes and shares, and gets to the heart of content engagement, by exploring the who, what, when and where of each click.

Smart URL analytics for your content with kurls.

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Knowledge Base
We have built our knowledge base to give our customers as much info about how to get the most out of kontextURLs as possible, right at their fingertips, 24/7.
Onboarding and Training
Our onboarding and training program is very hands on. We want to ensure your team is confident when using the system. We offer one-on-one training to all users, absolutely free.
Direct Support
We pride ourselves on our reputation for customer support. Have a question or concern? You can open a ticket, shoot us an email or just pick up the phone and get an answer.