Frequently Asked Questions About kurls

What are kurls?

kurls are an enterprise-ready smartURL system. They are shortened URLs with cookies and infinite Content Tags to track and report on the engagement (clicks) of off-site and on-site content. These short URLs, which can be white-labeled, are associated with and redirect visitors to a Destination URL (piece of content).

What are Content Tags and Tag Values?

Content Tags are relevant attributes assigned to your destination URL, which are used to generate segmented click reporting. These attributes can be related to the content itself or to the channels via which the content is to be distributed. To be clear, a piece of content is not physically ‘tagged’ with either a tracking pixel or JavaScript code, but an engagement event is measured when a user clicks on a kontextURL.

gShift Tags are simply associated with the content and kontextURL when the kontextURL is created. With these Tags in place, you are able to see how content was viewed (clicked on) using these Tags as filters in your Data Beacons/Dashboards or Reports.

What data is provided even without Content Tags?

kurls collect some data behind the scenes regardless of which Content Tags you have set up. This data includes the following:

  • -IP
  • -User Agent
  • -Referrer
  • -Browser
  • -Device
  • -Operating System
  • -Language
  • -Geo Location

What is a vanity path?

A vanity path is a user friendly version of a link, which is more recognizable and more easily remembered. Vanity paths should be used when the viewer may not be able to click on the link, such as in a presentation.

For example, may be used for an off-line ad (in a magazine or radio ad) or on Instagram where it cannot be clicked and must be typed in to be accessed.